Specialized service

Among the specialized services offered by Frialsa are:

  • Blast freezing in tunnel and chilling in chamber.
  • Record of the weight of pallets or individual units of the product (catch-weight).
  • Field heat removal by pre-cooling fruits and vegetables recently harvest.
  • Refrigerated maquilas for repacking, labeling, encasement and assembly of promotions, among others.
  • Consolidation of stored products or cross-dock.
  • Reception and expedition of railway cars with temperature-controlled.

Frialsa’s customers receive a wide range of specialized integral logistic services, suited to their basic operational needs and high complexity.

  • Transfer FFCC-Truck-FFCC, Container-Truck.
  • We facilitate the management of multimodal/intermodal transportation.
  • Rent of offices for clients.