3PL Integrated Logistics Services

Thanks to the set of facilities, equipment and technology, Frialsa has the largest and most solid temperature-controlled logistics network; capable of guaranteeing the highest quality in the care of the cold chain.

Frialsa’s national network allows our customers to increase the presence of their products in different markets in an accelerated way; no need to invest in high-value assets or the development of professionals specialized in cold chain logistics.

Frialsa’s customers receive the most complete solutions for refrigerated storage and transportation of several classes of perishable products. Therefore, besides being a cold logistics operator, Frialsa is constituting itself as an efficient 3PL for its supply chain.

World Class Storage

Methods and techniques for managing the inventories and deliveries of Frialsa, allow us to provide the highest level of control and efficiency in our facilities both in cold storage (freezer or chiller) and in the freezing tunnel.


Specialized service

Frialsa’s customers receive a wide range of specialized integral logistic services, suited to their basic operational needs and high complexity.


Optimized Distribution

Customers’ products are delivered in a consistent manner and with standardized parameters of quality and temperature thanks to the network of distribution centers and the network of distribution routes used by Frialsa.


Quality Assurance

Our experience with world class clients allow us to offer standardized and specialized quality programs for the industry.


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