About Frialsa

Cold Chain logistics solutions

Our history

Frialsa, Integral Logistics Services Company 3PL, started operations in 1983. Since then, it has expanded its presence throughout Mexico. Private industry has awarded us for our operational excellence and high level of service. We are proud to have established long-term relationships based on trust and compliance with our customers, which makes us true business partners for them.

2022 Mission

Advise and provide integral and excellent temperature-controlled logistics solutions to optimize our customer’s operations with cutting-edge technology, a team of professionals in constant development, and corporate social responsibility.

2022 Vision

Be the leading company in Mexico and benchmark for Latin America in temperature-controlled logistics solutions that optimize the supply chain of our clients, generating value for their business.

Our facilities

The expertise of Frialsa offers a consistent and quality service, goes hand in hand with a constant evolution towards installations and equipment of the highest technology and efficiency for the cold chain permanent care.

  • Approximately 100,000,000 ft3 / 3,000,000 m3 of temperature-controlled space.
  • More than 400 forklifts at our DCs, most of the latest generation.
  • Continuous programs for preventive and corrective maintenance.

Skills and Experience

Frialsa has an expert team of professionals in operation and logistics of storage and distribution of all types of food and beverages: fresh, refrigerated or frozen; as well as goods for the different industries that required temperature-controlled systems.

We are members of: “Global Cold Chain Alliance” (GCCA), “International Association of Refrigerated Warehouses” (IARW), “World Food Logistics Organization” (WFLO) and “The World Group”, among other industry associations dedicated to the professional management of the cold chain. For seven consecutive years, our company has been recognized as one of “The Best Mexican Companies” ®.

3 million tons of perishable products annually.
Twenty-five thousand mobilizations of temperature-controlled load transports; 150 thousand deliveries every year.
Deliver punctually about 15 million boxes of products every year.
About one hundred thousand different codes (SKU) of distinct goods.

Information Technologies

Frialsa’s information systems and technological mechanisms allow a better internal control and visibility to our customers, regarding their inventories, deliveries, billing details and specialized operational reports according to their needs.

  • Technology supported in WMS system with radiofrequency to read bar gives an optimal control of the merchandise based on its expiration date; this allows to administer minimum loading periods by product and consignee.
  • Online visibility of inventory status and traceability at lot-location-carrier-consignee level.
  • Online information 24/7 for control of inventories and operations
  • Email notifications or Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) with our customer’s systems for notification or confirmation of in and out of goods, as well as inventory status or changes.
Information Technologies

Corporate Social Responsibility

It’s our priority to positively manage our relationship with the environment and the communities where we´re based at.

  • We are the first cold warehouse in Latin America to use wind energy from the Laguna Larga Eolic park in Oaxaca.
  • Pluvial recovery system for irrigation and secondary services.
  • We minimize the consumption of printing paper with our technological systems.
  • We operate with high energy efficiency thanks to equipped installations with insulation to prevent temperature leakage.
  • We keep our units and facilities in good condition to mitigate pollutant emissions.

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