Cold Chain Solutions

When it comes to the care and efficiency of the cold chain for our customers’ products, we have standardized solutions adapted to the main industries that require temperature-controlled.

Comercio a Detalle
Retail trade
Cold Chain for Retail Trade

Our extensive distribution network to direct sales points or distribution centers can be co-designed to support the growth of our clients without the need for them to invest in logistics infrastructure.

Comercio Mayorista
Wholesale trade
Cold chain for Wholesale Trade

Control of warehouses and delivery programs for and from wholesalers allows us to provide an optimum level of service and use of inventories.

Food Service
Food Service
Cold Chain for Food Service

Agreements and routes established with hotel chains, restaurants and coffee shops facilitate the supply of intermediate volumes of product with optimum quality.

Cold Chain for Agroindustry

Geographical proximity and specialized services such as rapid freezing and field heat removal allow the handling of large volumes of raw materials and finished products from the countryside.

Productos Lácteos
Dairy products
Cold Chain for Dairy Products

The ability to handle a wide variety of SKUs of short life and high rate of return from the point of sale, allow the management of high levels of rotation and displacement of dairy products under optimum conditions of conservation.

Industrias Cárnicas
Meat Industries
Cold Chain for Meat Industries

The ability to manage the diversity of meat at unit packing level, complementing the registration and reporting of unit weights, allows a rigorous control of inventory even with high volumes of mobilized product, under strict compliance with the standards of Type of Federal inspection (TIF).

Productos del Mar
Sea products
Cold Chain for Seafood

Precise control of temperatures, as well as the income and withdrawals of merchandise by product code, enable the optimized handling of processed and unprocessed fish and shellfish.

Deli y de Especialidades
Deli and Specialties
Cold Chain for Deli and Specialties

Detailed management of inventories, as well as their collection and delivery under special conditions of conservation, allow us the correct handling of products of culinary specialty.

Industria Panificadora
Baking Industry
Cold Chain for the Bakery Industry

Our extensive experience in the storage and distribution of various types of bakery products assures our customers an optimal supply to the local, regional and national markets.

Helados y Sherbets
Ice cream and Sherbets
Cold Chain for Ice Cream and Sherbets

High standards for the control of temperatures and the handling of sensitive products to the environment, ensure that they will arrive at the right time and in perfect condition.

Industria Química
Chemical industry
Cold Chain for the Chemical Industry

Quality and inventory controls facilitate the administration and traceability of reagent inventories efficiently and continuously.

Industria Farmacéutica
Pharmaceutical industry
Cold Chain for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Security and assurance of quality programs are adapted to particular needs, allowing the correct control of delicate products and of high specialty, with maximum visibility of inventories.

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