Frialsa is the leading Mexican company in food logistics that need a cold chain to guarantee its innocuousness and maintain the validity of consumption until delivery at point of sale.

  • The commitment to our customers is the total guarantee of the cold chain, using state-of-the-art machinery.
  • Care in the management of their products, with highly trained personnel.
  • Accuracy in inventories using the most modern and practical warehouse management systems (WMS).
  • Relying on a system (CRM) that provides the necessary support to maintain commercial and operational relationships with all our customers.

Our logistic service integrates with the Distribution area to deliver daily the products in more than one thousand five hundred points of sale fulfilling the requirements of punctuality and care in the cold chain that all our clients require. This service has two important aspects: the consolidated transportation between our Plants and those of our customers and another delivery at points of sale such as commercial stores, price clubs, hotels, restaurants, distribution centers, industrial canteens, etc.

Frialsa is the first and only company in Mexico that has national coverage in refrigeration facilities complemented with consolidated transportation services to finally provide a logistics service to our customers.

Additionally, Frialsa is committed to the logistic development of our clients’ projects, so we offer consulting services for the development of activities that lead them to obtain productivity, agility or certainty in their supply chain.